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Introducing SIMDRIVE 3D™


SIMDRIVE 3D™ is a globally unique electromechanical MBS simulation platform that combines the most important methods for predictive dynamics and NVH analysis of innovative automotive and industrial drives.

Developed in house, our own software platform provides a seamlessly integrated, cross-domain approach, incorporating a holistic optimization process that factors in all the interactions of electrical and mechanical subsystems, including control, within a single simulation model.

Advanced Multi-Body Modeling

Full vehicle and powertrain modeling capabilities, flexible component libraries for driveline, engine, and suspension systems along with detailed modeling of bearings, gears, and other critical components.

Intuitive Handling

Featuring a straightforward user interface with a modern design, SIMDRIVE 3D™ enables rapid model setup and parameterization, along with efficient data management.

Virtual Twin Application

Audited electrical and dynamic prediction for all kind of electrical and hybrid drives as well as combustion engines.

Innovative Approaches

Fast simulations from concept- and preliminary development up to predictive NVH optimization.

Control System Modeling

Develop and test control strategies for engine,  transmission, and other powertrain components using the powerful SIMDRIVE 3D™ controller feature.

Range of Post-Processing & Animation Tools
Powerful visualization and animation tools extended by advanced data analysis and reporting capabilities.
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