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BEV & E-Drives


In the evolving landscape of electrification, there's a growing demand for sophisticated electro-mechanical powertrains and drive systems. Our expertise lies in the development of such powertrains, significantly enhanced by cutting-edge simulation technologies.


These technologies enable the intricate modeling of Battery-Electric Vehicles (BEVs) by taking into account the complex mechanical and electromagnetic interactions within the entire powertrain system.


Our multidisciplinary approach integrates results from finite element analysis (FEA) to ensure accurate EMAG force coupling between flexible rotor and stator bodies, ensuring that every aspect of the electro-mechanical interaction is considered.

MBS Simulation models for electric powertrains span a spectrum of complexity, ranging from torsional models with physical electric machine models to 3D models with flexible structures and local magnetic Force excitation.


The integrated controller environment provides elements for the design of closed control loops including models for power Inverters, batteries, and electric machines. This allows to emulate the real-time feedback mechanisms present in electric powertrains, simulating the dynamic responses to input signals and enabling engineers to analyze system behavior under varying operating conditions and control strategies.

Use cases in BEV development
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