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World-leading Competence Center Belt

Dynamic Belt Drive Simulation

Belts are everywhere. The belt is the most versatile drive element. It enables large center distances to be bridged cost-effectively in shaft systems with a wide variety of installation situations, is lightweight, has a high power transmission and is largely maintenance-free.

Highly dynamically stressed Poly-V Belt drives for FEAD and syncronos drives with Toothed Belts in combustion engines and comparable industrial drive applications are subject to the highest requirements in terms of operational safety, service life and reliability.

We offer a holistic process for the development of belt drives, ranging from static design and experimental determination of belt parameters to dynamic simulation and optimization using digital twins. We have developed all the tools and methods for this process on the basis of our own research. In addition, we have all the test rigs required to determine the belt parameters.

The belt design as a composite material made of rubber, cords and fabrics makes it a masterpiece of simulation. Conventional finite element calculation methods are not applicable.


For this reason, CONTECS has developed a unique MBS software based on the research background of the TU Berlin, which combines material modeling, experimental belt characterization and a high-speed belt model into a perfect solution for the predictive, virtual development of belt drive systems. The simulation analyzes the dynamic processes in belt drives in a quality and depth of physical modeling never before achieved.


In addition, important evaluation parameters, such as the slip speed between the pulley and belt or the size of the stick and slip areas that form the wrap arc, cannot be determined by measurement.

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