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Commercial Powertrains

Large Propulsion Powertrain Simulation

We offer a unique simulation technology that has been specially developed for the holistic design and optimization of large drive systems together with our key customers. The calculation options cover detailed torsional vibration calculations in frequency and time domain using proven calculation models for

  • elastic rubber couplings with temperature dependent

  • properties (DIN 740 part 2)

  • steel-spring-couplings (special frequency-dependency of properties and torque dependent limits)

  • Rot. Non-linear Stiffness: Torque-friction-dependent, iterative calculation of steel-spring-couplings.

Most propulsion plants are no series product but, a unique solution. Each of them has to be investigated regarding torsional vibrations separately. Most of them cannot be tested before being placed into operation.


Further support for the design and optimization process is provided by virtual 3D validation models for predictive analysis of stress, dynamics and NVH for the entire system and all its components.


Typical drive lines in off-highway and industry applications are:

  • Diesel engines for marine main propulsion

  • Diesel-electric drives

  • Onboard or stationary power generation

Large IC-Engine
Flexural vibrations at flywheel
  • A slow run up is calculated throughout the whole speed range

  • Minimum safety factor at speed ncrit, where a coupled axial - bending mode is excited

  • Max. bending moment at flywheel while ignition


Good understanding of dynamic behaviour:

  • Amplitudes

  • Order analysis

  • Time plots including phase information

Large Propulsion Powertrain Simulation

Comparison of coupled flexural and torsional vibration with measurement

3D-MBS simulation model with 6 DOF

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