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Vehicle Simulation

Complete Vehicle Simulation

The combustion engine transfers forces into the chassis via the engine mounts. These forces lead to vibrations in the vehicle structure which are transmitted to the driver's seat.


The seat vibrations are mainly influenced by the excitation of the combustion engine, the stiffness and damping in the engine mounts as well as the masses and stiffnesses in the vehicle chassis and suspension.

For the accurate and realistic analysis and optimization of a key and generator start as a typical application, a 3D MBS vehicle model is used, which includes the complete combustion engine model, realistic engine mounts, vehicle chassis and suspension as flexible bodies and tire stiffness.

Engine start and seat vibration evaluation
  • with given predefined limits and targets from measurement

  • evaluation method: 3 results are convicted into one general combined acceleration signal    

  • using grading concept to detect parameter influences

  • optimization of the engine start based on a fully automated parameter study with integrated analysis and evaluation

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