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Parallel Hybrid

P3 Parallel Hybrid

Due to the power addition, the ICE and electric motor can be dimensioned smaller than the conventional drive for the same driving performance. In addition, the drive units can also be switched on individually. This results in a wide range of maneuvers. The resulting dynamic loads and vibrations have a major influence on the design of the drive system and must already be known in the design phase, which is why the use of MBS simulation with an overall model is indispensable.

P3 Hybrid:

  • Electirc motor is permanently connected to the gearbox output shaft

Modal analysis: Fast method for the initial evaluation of natural frequencies and vibration modes of the components and the overall system as a basis for understanding the system

Further optimization takes place in the overall system, as all components and subsystems are mapped either as mod
al reduced structures or model-based and are available very early on in the process.
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