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Dynamic Belt Drive Simulation

World-leading Competence Center
Indispensable for the Digital Engineering of belt drive systems

A unique software approach that combines material modeling, experimental belt characterization and a high-speed belt model into a perfect solution for the virtual development of belt drive systems.

It simulates the dynamic processes in belt drives in a quality and depth of physical modelling  that have not been achieved before

The Simulation is available for all belt types from Flat-, V-, and Poly-V belt to Timing belts in automotive applications and Toothed PU belts in industry applications

Measurement Comparison

High speed video measurement vs. animation of simulation results.

The excellent predictive quality of the simulation results has been proven and validated in hundreds of belt drive projects by our customers and on CONTECS’ own test rigs.

Fully automated FEAD simulations with design variants

Throughout all development phases, we optimize the dynamics of the Front-End Accessory Drive (FEAD). This involves a weighted evaluation of selected simulation variables, all of which must meet predefined limit values.


  • SIMDRIVE 3D is used as Digital Development Platform between OEM and its suppliers

  • Therefore a unique mechanism for model exchange and data encryption is provide to save intellectual properties.

  • Fully functional partial models for components can be easily integrated into a complete belt drive system model while the model data is hidden

  • All major manufactures of belts and belt drive components in Europe, North America and Japan share simulation models of their products with OEMs for digital evaluation of the compete FEAD system

  • On the other side OEMs share encrypted crankshaft models with suppliers for a more precise excitation of the belt drive system

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